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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The goings on today

Didn't find much at the place the next town over furniture wise.  Will have to keep eyes open.  I do have one standing plastic drawer cart that comes up to just about the right height and has plenty of drawers that might work if I had a few of them together, it is the one I formerly had in the RV closet here:

So was thinking, if nothing else, I can get one or two more of those and stabilize them together.  I'd have plenty of storage and a flat surface for cooking on.  Was at Walmart earlier to look and see if they had any, no Bueno.  :(     Am sure I can find it online, if nothing else better comes along.

While at Walmart earlier, checked out, again, the foam mattress toppers.  Was intending to find two 3" toppers and put them on top of each other.  Last time I looked, they didn't have the size I needed.  And then I was reading others having problems with mildew forming under foam mattresses that sit on top of plywood.  Great.  I have plywood for the platform of my bed.   Well, I think I outsmarted them, haha!!  I was able to get two 3" ventilated cooling mattress toppers, woot!  There are vent holes in them.  Air will be circulating under the bed, and now there are vent holes in the mattress.  Here they are, cut down to size to fit, and working just beautifully:

Now to hunt down some plastic bins that will fit under the bed. 

Have also had some thoughts this morning.  Have already decided on getting this for a shower setup.  What I was concerned about was the base for it and the space it was taking up.  After reviewing some youtube videos this morning (cause that's what I do in the mornings...  lol    I read, research and watch to learn) I came across someone who uses one of these things.  Now that's a thought!!  Folds up out of the way when you don't need it.  Fashion the shower curtain and set it inside the tub, use your solar heated shower, and drain outside when done.  Then it folds back up flat after drying, stored out of the way.  Coolness!!    Throw your bag of water on the dash while driving that day..  pop out your tub that evening, set up curtain, hot shower, dump it, store it, and you are all clean and refreshed for a good nights sleep.  Some people also heat up the solar bags and put them in a thermos type container for use in the mornings.  It's a thought.

Am trying to figure out if a second battery can go in to the van engine area.  There is a space for it, right here:


And it appears there is a plug right there already wired for it.  No clue what it's wired for or would go to.  I would hopefully use it as a house battery, for 12v uses.  Not sure yet how it would work, so much to consider.  :)

Tomorrow is supposed to be yucky and windy as heck.  It is Oklahoma, ugh!!  Not sure if I will try to hunt down places to look for a kitchen/storage setup.  The window tinting is going on Friday, so it's cool it there's not much in the van for now, gives them more working around space.  :)


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