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Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Dookie

"The Dookie was staring at me!!"

That phrase still makes me laugh.

It was when we had Betsy, the tiny RV.  We had went camping and dune buggy'ing that weekend and had went to dump the holding tanks before heading home when I heard that phrase.

John got in after dumping the tanks and was acting funny.  I kept asking what was wrong.   He would just look at me, then look away and at the steering wheel like he was embarrassed.  I kept asking.  He kept avoiding the subject.  Finally, finally...  he said:

"The Dookie was staring at me!!"

Apparently, when he went to take the cover off of the dump tanks outlet there was a turd, he called it "Dookie", that was sitting there.  Like it had grown eyes and could look at him.   OMG   The "Dookie" was now a living breathing thing.  

We started making up stories to include The Dookie.  I would threaten stuff, starring 'The Dookie'.  And every time I said the words, The Dookie, he would look away just like when he would stare at the steering wheel.  The Dookie was all powerful now! 

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