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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Selling RV

Yep, I put my kinda awesome RV up for sale yesterday.  It is kind of early in the season and really cold and yuck outside, but why wait?

The RV was going to be my ideal rig to go camping and stuff.  But at 8mpg...  yuck.  Plus, it's pretty long.  It says it's 27.5' long, but when measuring, it's more like 29' long.  This does not make for a zippy transport.  Plus, some of the time it's just me in it, I don't need that much space.  Other times it's with one other person, it's still too big for two people, really.  So I put it up for sale.

Have decided on buying a van and outfitting it for a pseudo RV.  What I want to do it set it up inside myself, outfit it to be off grid and non-dependent on outside energy sources, like electricity hookups.  Not sure how all of it will turn out yet, but that is the plan so far.

A van, although bigger than a regular car, will still fit in most regular parking spots.  They don't get that great a gas mileage, true enough.  But not as terrible as the current RV, either.  I plan on camping/living out of it while on my travels.  I will accomplish this in many ways.  Will either stealth camp in towns, camp out on BLM (Bureau of Land Management) lands, or go the Wal-Mart/truck stops route. 

The basic premise for the inside setup will be:  K.I.S.S.  (keep it simple stupid)

Here are some of the things I want to incorporate in the van:
-Fix a permanent comfortable bed, no motels.  A good nights sleep is very important
-Propane or butane cook stove and cooler or 12v fridge to cut down on eating out, or just eat non-perishables and buy fresh as needed
-Either solar panels to power up the deep cycle batteries to run my 12v items, or figure out how to switch over so the alternator can charge those batteries while driving
-Porta potty, possibly rig up a small tub/shower with garden sprayer for a shower, or a nationally widespread gym membership for showers
-Install a roof vent with a Maxxair fan system for ventilation and cooling
-Dark window tinting paired with blackout curtains for privacy and stealth
-Small Mr. Buddy heater for warmth if needed

I've been researching vans for months and months now.  I've narrowed it down to what I want so now I'm just going to keep my eyes out for a conversion van, the ones with the higher top on it.  Enough room to stand up so it won't feel so cramped in there.  I want to be comfortable since we are talking about doing this over the long haul. 

So for now I am on the lookout for a deal.  The weather is crap outside right now, still have the RV up for sale, so there is no rush, I can take my time.

I've never geocached before and will be getting my feet wet in it this coming week.  Apparently there are quite a few of them right around where I live.  Will be fun!

Wish me a quick sale! 

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