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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Firsts and Guns

There may be a lot of firsts coming up for me.  Cool!  

I've never been to all 50 states in the U.S.   I've been to the bottom 13, most of them as a kid on vacation, lots of them just passing through.  Do those count anyways?   I barely remember Georgia and Mississippi.  So that will be a new one.

I've never geocached.  Have heard about it over the past few years but dismissed it.  Finally looked it up the other day.  A treasure hunt?  How cool!  I'm so there! 

I've never outfitted a van to live out of.  Very much looking forward to that.  Kinda have to find a van first, though, huh?  I'm looking, I'm looking....

I've never had a passport.  That is on my to-do list within the next few months.  At some point when I venture to the Arizona area I will want to go across into Mexico for the cheaper vision and dental aspects and will need a passport.  Just be cool to have one anyways.

I've never shot a gun.  Guess what, I got my very own gun for Christmas.  Yep, a 9mm.  It's sitting here in it's box on my desk.  Still afraid of it.  I have learned how to take it apart though, and load the clips (hard as hell!).  Small steps, small steps.  There happens to be a nifty little shooting range here at the boyfriends house that is set up, I have no excuse, just fear.   I wonder if I should take it with me on my travels.  Will have to look up the laws in the states before I go that route.  Should probably get a concealed carry permit thing, huh?

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