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Sunday, January 4, 2015

People name their rigs, right?

After I was grown and getting RV's of my own, I had this thing of naming them.  Isn't that what people do?  

My first little RV I got on my own I got back in 2002.  I spied her sitting off in a distance in a fenced in backyard of an oilfield company.  Weeds had grown around it.  It was an older 70's model Class C, about 21' long.  Of course I had to go inquire about her and she happened to be for sale.  I think we paid $2100 for her.  Took a bit to get her going, but go she did.  The inside was in amazingly great condition, someone having put some loving care into reupholstering her, it was so cute!!  We paired her up with a dune buggy and a trailer and took her many time to a place a few hours from us that had sand dunes.   Lots and lots of fun memories in her.  I named her "Betsy".  She was just so darn cute!!   More stories about Betsy later on.

The second one I got was a few years later.  We thought we wanted something bigger, so I went to hunting and actually bought one off eBay.  Only, haha, it was in the next state over.  Did that stop me?  Nope.  Had I ever driven a Class A RV before?  Nope.  Did I know much about the vehicle's condition?  Nope, just took their word for it.  Was an ice storm heading our way in the next few days making it imperative that I head out right then and there?   Yep, cause surely I couldn't wait.   So, there we were...    in western Oklahoma having to drive to Wichita, Kansas to go pick up a monster Class A motorhome sight unseen.  It was me, my teenage daughter, and my pregnant sister.  Off we went.   There are stories about that one, too.  I named her "Bertha".  She was big and ugly and 29' long and the name just fit.  If you've ever seen the show Breaking Bad, yep, it was just like that RV they cooked meth out of.

After Bertha and it's mishaps, my older sister, who had gotten started in the RV business (thanks to me, hehe) decided to find me a deal and upgrade my current behemoth rig.  Yep, and even bigger Class A, this one 31' long, very fancy and nice.  There is one hell of a story with this one.  No name really called out to me on this one, so I just called her "Georgie Boy".  Cause, well, that's what brand it was.

After that I got into this phase of paying off debt.  I went fanatic about it, I was paying off debt!!  So, Georgie Boy was sold to pay off the loan.   But I still had the itch.  So what did I do next??    Yep, found one I could pay cash for.  Well, my mom had spied one I just had to have while in Dallas with RV sis (what I will call her) and told me about it.  It was $1500..  I had it.  So off we went after that one, me, my mom and dad.   OMG there are some stories on that one for sure..  It was a 70's flat nosed model class A that was about 23' long.  I named that one "The Turd".  (Sorry Robin Williams fans, I named it that before the movie 'RV' came out)

The Turd had it's uses, but damn it was just so ugly!  haha    So I sold her to an older guy, real character, who saw her charm.   But, I still had the itch.  So next came "Brownie", a class C again, 25' long.  I didn't keep her long as we were doing a life change and selling everything and moving to south Texas.  That was in 2007.

I didn't get another recreational vehicle again until almost a year ago.  I still had the itch, and I think I passed it along to the boyfriend, so off we went in search of one.  We wound up getting a 1983 class A, 29' long.  Stories on that one, of course, haha.  It is still here, we (or should I say, the boyfriend) has named it "Georie Porgie".  Cause.. well..  it's another Georgie Boy brand RV.  Class A's kinda scare me, story about why later.  So in my brilliant mind, I decided to get my own class C, which I feel safer driving and riding in.  His and her RV's..  yeah.. kind of over kill, huh?    So I am selling mine, and we still have the roomier Georgie Porgie for some camping and trips.  The driving trips for this journey will be in a van, though.

The class C I currently own (that is up for sale) was originally going to be called Evie.  For, E-V.. Escape Vehicle.  I liked the name.  But nooo..  the boyfriend, in his infinite wisdom (okay, smartassed'ness) started calling her Fanny Mae.  Reason?  Cause I have this weird obsession with fans.  I think there are 3 of them in the rig.  The name kind of stuck.  So, she is "Fanny Mae".  Stories on her for sure.

I wonder what kind of name the van will get...
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