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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Georgie Boy, Farmers, Transmissions and Computers

This sequence of events that unfolded in 2005 tested my sanity, and also showed me how good people can be.

It was a typical day with me driving Georgie Boy to work in a tiny rural hospital that was over an hour from home.  I had sold Bertha (to my mom and dad who loved it) and had gotten a fancier, bigger RV that was another class A type and 31' long.  Damn it was nice!!  So there I was, trucking along the back roads towards work, going 70mph with the cruise set, jamming some awesome tunes, cruising along, left leg bent up in the seat, one lazy hand on the wheel.  Then, it happened.

BOOM!!!!!!    Front left tire blow out going 70mph on a two lane highway.  Was immediately thrown left across the other lane and into the ditch on the left side of the road.  I got it stopped before it hit the culvert somehow.  It didn't roll over and I didn't die.  The pieces of the completely blown tires was in a trail behind me.  If there had been a car or semi (semi's drove that road constantly) coming I would have been dead. 

After the adrenaline rush and calming down a bit, I noticed a side dirt road a few feet from where I was, and put the RV there.  Called my husband.  He was at work and would be there when he could to help me change the tire.  Called my boss and told her what had happened.  Calmed down some more.  So what do you do when you are broke down in an RV on the side of the road and waiting?  You cook breakfast, of course.  Nice thing about being broke down in an RV, you can do just about anything. :)  

So my husband showed up an hour later, all casted ankle and all.  He had broken his ankle playing softball about a month before.  That didn't stop him, nooooo...   We set about changing out the spare and many people went by us, but I tell you, the ONLY person to stop and offer to help, was a nice old farmer with a cast on his own arm.  That's funny!!   'Casted farmer stops to offer help changing a tire to the casted dude with the RV, news at 11..'

Anyways, got the tire changed, yet it needed air.  Boss's husband on his way with an air tank.  Tire aired up, and off we go.  Not two miles down the road..  it was a dead stick.  Dead transmission.  Really?   Really?!!   Like, what are the odds?

So we are sitting there on the side of the road in rural Oklahoma and who happens by?   Same farmer with the cast on his arm.  He says his farm is just up a ways and we can park it near his house until we figure out what to do with it.  Nice guy.  We tow it and now my rig is sitting at a farm in rural Oklahoma.

A few days later, a brother in law went with my hubby to assess what was needed for the transmission.  He told us it needed a new one, only it was a special transmission, special turbo something, it would be a needle in a haystack to find. 

Stressed out, worried, sick over the new turn of events, not knowing what to do.. all was going on with me.  And so it happened that day..    yep..    my terrible awful...      That day I was supposed to log on my computer to chat with a friend in Illinois who needed me.  She was leaving her husband and had turmoil and needed a sympathetic ear, we had agreed to log in to chat at a certain time.   But, argh!  My damn computer decided right then and there to crap out on me.  I couldn't take it.  With everything that was going on, and now this?!!   

I am embarrassed to admit it, but I beat the shit out of that computer.  I took every frustration, worry, anger, everything out on that plastic and circuit boards.  I threw the monitor against the wall, broke the sliding keyboard shelf, the tower was in pieces.  And then I sat down and had a really big bawl fest right there on the floor.  The computer was in pieces, but I think I had more bruises.   Can you believe, after I had my good 30 minute cry, that damn thing decided to start working again?  Like it was mocking me in some way.  I hate that computer to this day, may it roast in hell.

Few days later, transmission was actually found a few hours from us, and the brother in law and hubby changed it out right there in the front of that nice farmers house and it was rolling again. 

Honestly, I wasn't that sad to see Georgie Boy go when it sold.

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