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Monday, July 13, 2015

I Miss My Van

Okay, I will admit it..  I miss driving the girl. ;)

Van Halen is parked under the shade trees and stares at me every time I go outside.  It's like she is asking, with her Ford front face, 'When are we going again?'.  Sure wish I knew.

The sale of the RV is supposed to be finalized sometime this week.  You better believe I will be then getting her into a mechanic to figure out the issues with the transmission. 

Have kind of gone over and over in my head what I will do should they say the tranny is shot.  Do I chuck it all and start over?  Take a chance on something else?  My conclusion was, no.  I've driven Van Halen over 3,000 miles since I got her this past January.  And three different states.  She's not left me walking.   She's not let me down so I won't let her down.  And I know the things wrong, where as a different one is a new can of worms, if you will.

There is this thing called 'sunk cost'.  I've already spent 'x' amount on the purchase price, title, and conversion.  Have knowledge of what's already been done mechanically to the engine.  I can not get that cost back.  I know what is needed, tranny work.  So will go forward from here.  And will have either a repaired tranny or a different one that I can trust.

So, next question is:  Once I get her rolling again..   Where to next?  :)

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