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Friday, April 21, 2017

Pretty pics

Thursday, March 30, 2017

New-To-Me Wheels!!

Yes sir, I am the proud owner of a 1983 Chevy G20.  :D   Got her yesterday.  No name for her yet, waiting for her to tell me, haha.  Picked up this sweet ride a few hours away for $900, and I feel like I stole her!  Ran great, motor and tranny ran smooth, good tires all around.  Has some things to work on, naturally, but yay!!!! 

Here she be:

Has a carbureted 305 V8 with 75k miles on her.  Can't wait to start outfitting her.  :D

Sunday, January 29, 2017

MIA and Stuffs

I admit, I have gone a while.  Got into a funk, I suppose.   Let's see, to catch up on things since my last posting.

Got somewhat settled into the new place.  Think I got a little bummed out about it, actually.  Going back to what is considered 'normal'.  Totally opposite of what direction I had been going before.  But it can have a bad or good outcome of this, more on that later.

I sold Van Halen.   :(:(:(  Hated to do it, sooo bad!!!!    Had to sell one, and the car was the practical choice to keep.  Only good part of that was that Van Halen was bought by someone who was to use her for what she was intended..   a family of 4 that was to camp out of her on hiking trips, and the guy was going to live out of while on working away from home.  (Thank you Corey!)

I believe the sell of her, housed with having a house with all it's trappings and repairs and stuff needed just sent me into a downward spiral of depression.  Did not handle that very well for a long while.  But I'm working on it and moving forward.

Forward to almost Christmas and WHOA!!!   I became a grandma.  :D   Christmas Eve I was lucky enough to be in the room while my daughter gave birth to my first grandchild.  Born at 7pm on the dot, weighing 7lbs, 7oz and 20 1/2" long after...  17 hours of labor.  Grandson loved his 7's, huh?   Hehe.  Daughter did awesome, giving birth completely natural.  And he's such a cutie!!!!!!!    This 'Gigi' is so in love!!!!

(My dad holding him next to mom, such a sweetie!!)

Also decided to go back to school, so I'm getting used to that.  Have 2 years left for a bachelor's in Health Information Management (HIM).  It's all online, so that part is way cool.  Aiming to work in coding after I'm done.  Which can be done remotely.   *wink*  I picked HIM because 1). it's all done online, no driving 50 miles one way to the university for Pammy, yeah!  2). it goes with both of my associate degrees in Computer Science and Radiologic Technology. 3). Coding is computer driven, meaning less physical strain on my bum wrist. and 4). can work remotely from a company not local, and this is a plus because, let's face it, where my house is now there just aren't that many jobs in this depressed local economy.

So far this is working out pretty good, financial wise, as I can concentrate on school full time without worrying too much about a full time job.  I live cheap, that helps.  I picked up a very part time job off the books to help supplement spending money, so that's cool.  :)

The car situation..   My car isn't going to last the year, I don't think.  The first cylinder is failing, so the motor is going out.  Runs for now okay, but I know it's limited.  Hell, it's a cheapy car that isn't worth anything, so the plan is to run it til she dies, in the mean time, keeping my eyes open for my next vehicle... which, you guessed it..  will be a van!!!   :D

Next van:  still undecided whether to look for a cargo van, conversion van, or minivan.  It will probably come down to the best one in the best condition when I have the money for it.  Or need for it, should the car die tomorrow.

In summary:  while working towards my remote new career, I'll be looking for my next 'Pampervan' and get to start over with a clean slate.  Eventually, be able to have my cake and eat it, too.  Ie. have a cheap to own paid-for homebase with a camper van that I can use to travel while taking my job with me.  Oh yeah!!!!  

  I miss you.....