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Saturday, January 3, 2015


It started off as an idea this morning.  But the sheer brilliance of it would not be denied, so here I am.  This blog is being created to share in the journeys of what I have named HulaJohn.  So here it is:

I am going to visit all 50 states, and in that time, find a spot through geocaching or other means, places with either meaning or that is funny or pretty or whatever, and plant a HulaJohn.  

What is a HulaJohn you say?   I am going to get some Hula dolls and put a little note in remembrance for John.  Hence, HulaJohn.  Then when I find the appropriate geocache in each state, I will leave with the doll a note.  The note will go something like this:

"Dear Finder:

Congratulations on your find!  This Hula doll is unique.  It is in remembrance for a great person named John.  He died at 40 years young of cancer.  It is my hope, should you choose to keep this doll, to put 'HulaJohn' on your dash of your vehicle so he may be able to see all the great things he did not get to see while alive.  Remember to cherish each day. 

God bless."

I've decided to document this journey.  This journey will have some meaning for me.  My way of letting go.  Honoring him.  I will have my own HulaJohn on my dash with some of his ashes in it so he may go with me on this journey.

The way I am going to be doing most of this is by driving to the places myself.  In part, I want to see America and explore.  Get back into nature again.  And I'm going to document this from the beginning.  From finding a van, outfitting it to live out of in my travels, cheap ways to travel, places I have seen, people I may meet, pictures of cool shit, and the geocaches when/if I find the them.  Hawaii of course won't be driven (undecided about Alaska), but alas, when you set a goal to get to all states, you don't let things like distance deter you, right?

It may take me a while, but time is what I have.  I need a purpose.  I need to be inspired.  I need closure.  And sometimes I just want to 'be', alone with my thoughts and no noise, driving down the road that is calling to me. 

Will probably hit a lot of different topics on here, so hold on to your hats!!

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Pamela Boatright said...

Checking to see if comments work.

Wheely said...

Hey, I have a geocache in Florida, right off I-10. It's easy, a 1/1 but it is a pretty cool site. The cache is named 'That Ol' Time Religion',

Pamela Boatright said...

Cool!! Thank you. :)

Matt Nelson said...

You and I are in very similar places and share some similar attitudes about life. I lost my mom to breast cancer 10 months ago. I have since quit my job that was way to stressful and left me unfulfilled on a daily basis.
I am currently exploring the option of travel and van dwelling for a undetermined period of time. I like the idea of traveling to every state and leaving something symbolic in remembrance. This has fueled some new thinking. Instead of just wandering this would be a way of setting a goal and working towards it. Could be a good way to get some additional closure with my mom.
I'm sorry for your loss. I admire your courage to set out and do what you want, and steer yourself away from the ideals that society has brainwashed us into believing. Perhaps our paths will cross at some point some where in this great country.

Pamela B. said...

Very sorry for the loss of you mom. It's been over 2 years and I still feel the loss. Hope you can find some peace in healing, take care!

David Ainley said...

Looking for more posts and a hula doll