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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Turd

Yup...  today I am writing about..  "The Turd".

I was RV-less, having sold the awesome Georgie Boy to get out of debt.  My mom, though, spied "The Turd" while traveling with RV-sis to Dallas.  It was a whopping $1500, I had it.  So off we went from western Oklahoma to Dallas, Texas to get it.

It was in a huge parking lot and I had my doubts about her.  It was a shorty class A, flat nosed, and ugly.   BUT..  someone had done an awesome job retrofitting her inside. It made 'The Turd' ...  cool!!

My poor daddy...   bravely getting behind the wheel..  driving it in Dallas, Texas.   Me, following.  Watching sparks out the tailpipe.    We broke down somewhere and had to spend the night behind a truck stop.  My mom kinda took all the covers and snored all night,    LOVE YOU MOM!!  We only had the propane gas stove for heat for us.  No one died.

It was a miracle we got that thing home.  We broke down again the next day about an hour from home, my dads nerves were completely shot.  I'm sorry daddy.  I can't believe he got it as far as he did, though.  My aunt and uncle had to come rescue us with some tools that were needed to get it going again.   

So... yeah...  I named it 'The Turd' way before the movie "RV" came out...  it really was one.

It kinda looked like a white version of this one on the left:

#Camping  #RV

I know I know..   don't hate.  You know you want one, too!  haha

One neat thing about it was it had a HUGE U-shaped table at the back.  It was the only thing that made into a bed in it, and when it was a bed, it was at least king size or bigger.  I remember one time we went to a lake about 30 minutes away, a few of my family was there with their rigs.  Although mine was the ugliest and oldest, somehow we piled about 10 of us around the huge U-shaped table playing cards until late in the night while it rained outside.  Cause, that's just what you do sometimes when going camping with others, you play cards way into the night drinking too much, haha.

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