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Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Scored a van today.  Am the new proud owner of a 1996 Ford E150 conversion van.  Had 117k miles on her, drove fantastic.  Negotiated price to $2550 walking out the door.  Well, I should say, my badass daughter chewed the salesman down, made him throw in an oilchange and include tax in the walk out the door price.  I felt sorry for the dude after she got done with him.  Proud mama here.  Drove it the hour and half home no problems, rode very smooth.

Will have to get at least one new tire and tires aligned.  Some bolts need tightening.  Other than that, she is ready.   Now to start in on the outfitting the inside.  Tomorrow's high is around 26 degrees, so I may just be planning while warm indoors tomorrow.

Anyways, here she is

Let the games begin!!


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