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Sunday, January 4, 2015


I've been camping since I was born.  Well..  okay, I can't remember that far back.  But, I do know for a fact I was camping at 11 months old.

How do I know?  Well, it was Easter weekend, I was 11 months old, I had two older sisters and mom was pregnant with baby #4.  You guessed it, she went in to labor.   It was in the ambulance on the way to the hospital that mom had my little sister.  Poor daddy, he got four daughters, no sons.

I remember tent camping from way young.  There was a place I remember most when tent camping, it was in south Texas, called Hog Bayou.  (What is the loneliest Bayou in the world?     All Bayou Self.    haha!!  couldn't resist)  Really, it was just a bridge with clearings on both sides, one side had a boat ramp.  I remember the morning breakfasts cooked over the fire, yum!!  Us four girls running wild. 

So many things I could tell you about my experiences camping.  Like the time my little sister thought the gallon jug had orange juice in it and drank it.  It was really gasoline (yes, she is still alive).  Or the time I was fishing and spotted two eyeballs slowly coming at me, an alligator almost had me for lunch.  Or taking a boat ride down the river so dad could check the trot lines, our hands over the side of the boat to feel the waves, water moccasins swimming nearby.  Or how I almost stepped on a coral snake that was headed for the water.

Stories that were not always dangerous.  Later on I will tell about the time we took a Winnebago  on vacation from south Texas to California.   Or the mini bike incident on the Nashville vacation.  Or the many hilarious times I have had with me behind the wheel of my own campers.

So you could say I am an old hand at camping, from tents, to popups, to travel trailers, to motorhomes.  I've done it all.  Hey wait, scratch that..  I haven't camped out of a van yet.  Haha!!   I guess it is just natural that I would want to do that next. 


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