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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Stuff Goes In

I got Savannah back home Friday evening.  Here she is looking all spiffy with her tinted self. ;)

You really have to be right up to the glass holding your hands around your eyes to see anything.  But then, I also put reflectix over the windows.  Both for heat retention (and reflecting summer rays in the summer) and so you can't see in or light shine out of the windows.  I had enough reflectix left over for all of the back windows, except one.  The door right behind the front passenger door.  I do have some black foam board in my closet I might cut out and stick there.  The reflectix was fitted with tiny pieces of Velcro so they will stay in place.

The desk I found at the used furniture store for $60 went in, and it was bigger than I imagined.  But worked well.  I put it behind the drivers seat.  It will serve as my desk and kitchen area.  Cooking stuffs went into the drawer.  Those lovely drawers covered with cowhide...  haha.  It will stay for now.  The desk is all wood, not cheap particle board so that's good.  And the top looks like butcher block.

Next to the desk there was room for a small set of plastic bins with just a tab bit of room left over.  I already had these bins, no cost there, yay!  In the space between the plastic bin and the bed I put my single burner stove.  Perfect spot, won't move around, and it's out of the way when it's not in use. 

I also glued a round placemat over the potty cover, and topped that with a simple cushion.  It will pull double duty (haha..  doodie!) as the potty and as a moveable seat.  Goes under the desk just great when not needed freeing up space.  I might put a cover around the bottom to disguise the potty, lol  Here is a pic:

Behind the desk is some space, the van walls curve.  Below the big window behind the desk is a ledge at the bottom of the window. Since the desk sits up next to the ledge it's a perfect place to store some stuff and it can't go anywhere.  I have paper towels and some dry storage containers back there.  Also, behind the plastic bins I put the 12v fan, keeping it handy but out of the way until needed.

Opposite this stuff, behind the passenger chair, I put one set of the 3 drawer plastic bins.  I tried to put two sets of the bins, one stacked on the other, but the way the van walls curve had them sticking too far out away from the walls and crowded the space.  So I opted to just go with one set of bins.  Food items will go in these.  On top I'll bungee down the battery jumper pack, keeping it handy and centrally located for when I need it.  Those plastic bins I got nearly free, I cashed in a few rebate checks, I think I was out $4 for the two sets.

Under the bed is nearly empty, so there's still plenty of storage space left.  Right now it's extra propane and butane bottles, some small tripod popup chairs, extra paper goods, small battery operated fans, shovel and grill brush.  All I can think of that needs to go under it is our clothes and water.

Across the back they already had the holders for a curtain rod, so I put one up.  I might add some shoe organizers later for more storage, if needed.  Or use the rod to dry towels or such.  Right now I have a behind the chair organizer that has a fold down holder for a small dvd player.  My little 7" portable dvd player will fit just perfect and can watch a movie while relaxing on the bed.  Here is a pic looking back from the drivers area.  (please ignore the was getting late and cold and I didn't feel like vacuuming.  Am planning on finding a pretty runner to spruce it up a bit, but for now, ugly floor will just have to work)

Haven't tried out the bed yet for sleeping.  However, just lounging on it felt great.  The mattress was two 3" vented toppers I hand cut down to fit the width of the van, I got the toppers for about $120.  The blankie at the foot of the bed was a gift from little sis, 100% wool, will throw it over comforter when chilly and should keep me nice and warm.  :)  I had the pillows already.  The comforter and sheets I found at the thrift store for about $10. 

I used command strips to mount some things.  The smoke and Co2 detectors and some puck LED lights.  All of the walls are covered in cloth, but there is some wood here and there, I attached it to the wood.  I've used the command strips in the past, they hold fairly good and come off easy.  Just hope they hold through the bumps. 

The privacy curtain behind the drivers area might have to be tweaked.  As of now, they sit kind of back and high so I didn't have any way for light to leak over the top. Only, to get it up high enough it had to go back some, so when they are closed they take up some of my interior space.  Will see how it works for now.  Here is a pic to get an idea:

And no, I won't be using that TV.  The way it is rigged it will only run with the engine running.  That AND it only plays VCR tapes..  of which I own none.  So it was a no brainer.  Just there for show, nothing else.  Well..  to let Pammy bang her head on.  Yes, of that I did yesterday, four times total. 

In addition to sore bumps on head from not paying attention, Pammy also has sore back.  Am not used to hunching over.  The van is taller than a regular one, yes.  And I can stand in it, but not have my head up, my head has to lean to a side, I am 5'6".  All of the window coverings and moving stuff around, though, must have done a number on some muscles that aren't used to that.  Almost couldn't walk last night, it was hilarious.  The back is just gonna have to deal with it, lol!






New Age Nomad said...

Savannah's looking good!

Pamela B. said...

Hey thanks!! Still tweaking it, can't wait to try it out. :)

Craig McCulloch said...

You're very interesting... I love your van. 😊

Pamela B. said...

Why, thank you very much! :)

Craig McCulloch said...

Yerrrrrrr welcome! 😊