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Thursday, January 22, 2015

You Dropped A Bomb

This was New Years Eve,  year was 2006. 

My mom and dad had rented a room at the Holiday Inn in our town, it had it's indoor Holidome thingy, with indoor put-put golf, pool, shuffleboard, hot tub, sauna and such.  They had grandkids join them, my daughter was one that went.  Me and John decided to stay home.

So it was about 1am when my mother calls me, frustrated cause my goofy kid decides she doesn't want to sleep and therefore won't let her sleep.  haha!!  Sucker!   hehe  just kidding.  But..   Yeah.   Not sure what I am supposed to do about it, but I listen to her and get kid on the phone and tell her to go to bed.  But now..  me and John are wide awake.  Thanks mom.

So we are awake and we both move into the living room.  It's dark.  We are just hanging out and talking.  Waiting for another phone call about my onery daughter, not sure if we are supposed to go get her or what.  

Hours go by.. it's probably 3am by now.   We have been chatting for a long time, had our blankets out, he was on couch, I was curled up on a recliner.  I thought John had drifted off because he hadn't said anything for a long while.  So I was getting comfy and about to drift off myself, when..  out of now where...

"You dropped a bomb on me...   BADEES!!!"

OMFG       Just busted out of his lips in the quiet darkness.  I thought he was sleeping and this comes out.  From no where.  He called me 'badees'.. his way of calling me Baby. 

To complete this scenario, imagine me laughing into the darkness, and not stopping.  I think I finally fell asleep laughing an hour later.  I woke up laughing.  I called my mom that morning and couldn't talk from laughing trying to tell her the story.  I laughed all day just thinking about it.  I'm laughing still...   :)


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