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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Heck yeah!

So I've been looking around and pondering what would be good to use for storage and kitchen area. 

Have had no luck looking for used, and new is just too expensive and defeats the purpose of keeping it simple and cheap.  Finally figured it out yesterday.

I had gotten a few small rebate checks in, so I cashed them in (a whopping $30, but hey, free money so whatever) and went to Walfart with a plan.  Was aiming to hit the plastic bin area and just see what they had.  

I originally thought to add a few more taller shelves to the one I already own (which is in a previous post), but they didn't have any.  Well yesterday, they still didn't have those, but had other stuff I went with instead.  I bought two shorter, different colored, bigger binned plastic bin sets.  Yep, I will have multi-level, multi-colored plastic shelves for my storage and cooking area.  Looks odd, but who cares if I don't?   haha.

So I had fun sitting in the floor of the spare room planning out what will go where, and thinking and re-thinking again and again.  What can I say, I have fun in the weirdest ways.

Sitting there looking at them, I got a little nervous that the length of the three together might be a little too long  for the space that is between the bed and back of the drivers seat.  And since I don't have the van here right now (it's getting it's windows tinted), it's going to be just a guessing game at this point.  I guess I can just have two on one side the one on the other side if I had to, but really would like the three of them together.

Mulling it over this morning, I thought, 'Hey!  I know most of the measurements when I was planning the bed, just put it to pen and paper, doofus!!'.   So I did.  :)    Here is the breakdown...

Length from back of van to the drivers seat: 115"
Length from dead space behind bed to back door: 6"-ish (best guess)
Length of bedframe (which is the width of the bed): 52"    (although the plywood is 48", the mattress is 52", so I have some leeway here)
What it leaves, in my best estimation:  57" to fit the bins in.   

So I take my trusty lil measuring tape and measure the width of the three bins out and they come out to...  exactly 57"!!    Hells..yeah..!!!      Of course, there will be an inch here or there from the unknown of the dead space behind the bed and working with the mattress and plywood platform of the bed, but that's cool..  I'll have some wiggle room.   Here's to hoping.

Dang those bins hold so much, woot!!    Here's a crappy picture of them in the floor of the spare room.  Ignore the mess on the bed, that is other items that will be going in the van. 

Only things left to get are some plastic bins to go under the bed.  I may only start with two, for the ones that will be facing the inside, leaving the ones that are open to the back empty.   Now to hunt down the correct size....      :)

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