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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Oscar and his special cocktail

It was late 2009 after John got the cancer card.  

We had to go in to get his mediport.  It was going to be easier to access his veins for his chemo.  So he went in, happy, of course.

I worked there.   At Christus Spohn Shoreline hospital.  I worked in the radiology department.  The people who were going to do this were the specials group, a spin off of radiology, a special department of their own.  They all knew me.

It was an easy procedure, just placing a piece under the skin that was threading a tube straight into his heart.  He wasn't going to be going under, just a lucid wakening so he could follow commands.  I've seen many of these done. 

So, we were waiting for his turn in the waiting room they put us in.  And in came Oscar... 

Oscar came for John.   He knew me.  So now he knew John.

Apparently, even with Versed, haha..  John had them rolling.   He told them, and scolded them, that his wife would be upset they were gonna shave off his 2 'manly hairs' on his chest.  He had them laughing the whole time.    They brought him back to me, laughing the whole time.  He extoled the greatness of 'Oscar and his special cocktail'.  They laughed the whole time.

Here is John...  2 years after the cancer card.  They were gonna go back in to check his colon.  He was happy because 1). he no longer had a butthole they could go in to with the scope..  2). he got to laugh about it..   he was 35lbs lighter in this picture, but here he is that day

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