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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

New Rig... Flipper

Yes...  got a new rig.....
Kind of had to, needed/wanted to have a few more amenities.  Mainly, bathroom facilities and air conditioning for this upcoming summer.  I got a good deal.   Needs work, of course.  One of my sis's want's to 'glam it up', haha...   but here's the new wheels....   Flipper.  :)
Give me some time on it, I will pretty it up. :)
Van Halen will be going up for sale, unfortunately.   But hey, I don't want to try to keep 3 vehicles up, ya know. 
Wish me luck on this new adventure!!   :)


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Anita Romanenko said...

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Pamela B. said...

Well, it actually didn't work out for me. I sold it, more than doubled what I paid for it, at least. :D So for now, still with Van Halen, yay!!

Patricia Venkatesh said...