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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Betsy and Whoops

This is one of the stories about the lil class C RV I named 'Betsy'. 

It was around the year 2004, and there was an annual Mud Bogs being held north of Amarillo, Texas that we were wanting to attend.  It was going to be our first time going.  I had decided to skip class for xray school that day so we could head out first and find a spot big enough for my family that would be joining us later on.

I was driving Betsy, and John was following pulling his big nasty Jeep on a trailer behind him.  When we got there it was still a little bit muddy from the rain that came through that day, and as the road we had to go down was dirt roads near the river, it was slow going.   Very slow going.  Forever slow going.  I started getting nervous, being the one in the front trying to scout a good area, and after what seemed like a million miles and no places were empty.  I was sweating, I admit it.

After what felt like hours of fruitless searching, a spot showed itself to me in the distance.  It was as if the clouds opened up and the sun peered right down lighting the space up for us, it was perfect.  Big and level and enough space for the four more RV's that were going to be meeting us there later.  That spot was all I could see and I floored it anxious to get it before someone else did.

What I did not see, however.. was the whoops.  Have no idea what else to call them, those small little bumps in the road, tiny hills.  In my euphoric state of finding a perfect spot, I just didn't see them.  They saw me though.. oh boy did they! 

I can't tell you what was going on in my mind at the time, maybe I thought we were being abducted by aliens or something.  My daughter, Karen, was in the front passenger seat, I'm sure she was white knuckled and yelling.  I can tell you what John saw unfold in front of him, though.  He saw the complete underside of Betsy, her butt up in the air, about 4 times total. 

If you ever want to dump the entire contents of your fridge in the floor and have a 19" mounted tv come crashing into the floor, hit the whoops while you are flooring the gas pedal.

This story got told over and over again to each and everyone at our camp by John, to my dismay.  Laughs were to be had by all.  Blushes were to be had by me.  I never lived that one down.

Here is a pic of John and his 'nasty' Jeep...  and yes...   yes that is him wearing a leprechaun hat haha!

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