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Sunday, January 18, 2015

The bed goes in

Thanks to Mr. Super-Handy-Badass-Old-Man, got the frame in for the bed in the van.

Decided to go with a pseudo full sized bed across the back.  I say pseudo because most full size beds are 52"x75".  I only could put in a 52"x66" to fit the width of the interior of the van.  But I think I outsmarted it, getting it to the height where I can utilize what would have been useless space that sits below the big windows at the back.  You know, where those all important cup holders, ashtrays and headphone jacks are at that was near where the old bench seat was.

Had to fit it to where it sat over the wheel well and above those big seat belts contraption that were still bolted on over the wheel well.  Could have taken them off, but they looked like a booger.  Besides, it was 12.5" to clear them and leave them be.  That was enough space for decent storage under anyways, so decided to work with that. 

We used 3/4" plywood for the bed which made it pretty sturdy.  Since the size of the bed will have to be modified to fit the width, I decided to buy a 6" foam mattress that I can cut myself.  Actually, am going to get 2 3" foam toppers..  I've had just one on my old queen mattress that made a huge difference, so 2 should work perfect.  The 6" height of the mattress should come up just to where said useless ledges are under the windows, allowing an additional 6" length.. on both sides!!   Yep, that's right, the width that I can stretch out now will go from 66" to 78", over what a normal full size bed was.

Also, what was considered, is the lower ceiling at the back.  They, in their infinite *cough* wisdom built a box like type thing over the bed area, with one dinky storage box trimmed in their 'fancy' wood.  I wanted to make sure the bed height wasn't so high as to hit my head if I sat up in bed.  Measured my head to my butt and just clear the little useless LED light that sits in the middle of useless box.  Yeah!!

And yes, we did remove the 'fancy' wood covering over said dinky box on useless box over the bed to see if there was extra room they didn't allow, but noooooo!!!   Them jerko's covered around said dinky box under that 'fancy' wood with the same material covering the interior cabin, it was all one piece.  Which meant removing or cutting.   Forget it, trying to make this a simple as possible.  And still be able to put it back to normal for resale later on.  Under bed storage and other storage will have to do.  I will just have to live with simplicity in mind.

Here is the start of it

Yeah, yeah... I know..   that carpet shoulda went out.  But...  K.I.S.S.!   Keeping it simple stupid!!  It already has padding and carpet in there, why mess with it?  You can also see we decided not to remove the metal near the back (you can slightly see it between two boards) because I knew the bed would be over that and it wouldn't stick up any further than the bed frame so plastic bins used under there for storage wouldn't be affected.  We also didn't remove the other base to the seat that sits behind the drivers seat.  The one behind the passengers seat was a MF'r!!  I figured, for keeping it simpler, to leave it and just figure out the kitchen or desk area to go over it.  If I am way off, can always try to get the sucker out of there.  Will probably put in a rug of some sort to keep it pretty.
Another cool kinda thing, the back where the bed is isn't as padded as the front in front of the bed.  Works for me!
And yes, before you ask, that is my portable potty sitting right behind the drivers seat.  It makes a handy stool while working in there.  Plus, it has been already tested on side of the road, Pammy approved!
And here is the finished bedframe

It is Hotrod approved!!  Haha.  It was funny.. we spent hours out there working on this and Hotrod just never got out unless ordered to do so.  Picked out his spot inside even.  Don't have the heart to tell him yet that that is where more stuff is going, hehe.

So I've got big openings for storage accessible from inside in the front, and from the back getting in from the back doors.  Figured I would put the things in the back I don't use as often.  The front will probably be clothing and foodstuff that would need access more often.

Today, I may attempt to work on limo tint on the windows.  If it turns out to be too much of a pain, I may look in to getting it done for me.  Trying to save money though, less money spent means more gas money for me.  :)

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Dragonfly said...

Hotrod say its time to go now. Nice looking build.

Pamela Boatright said...

I think he is!! haha. And thanks! :)