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Friday, January 9, 2015

Empty Shell

The seats and back bench/bed is out of the van, and now it's an empty slate.  Needs a cleaning something awful. 

The carpet that is in it isn't torn, just different color from sun fading.  It was apparently once a maroon color that had turned to a green shade where the sun had hit it.  I'm thinking still to keep with the Keep It Simple Stupid aspect and leave it, put the things in it I need to, and maybe a throw rug in the middle to cover the carpet. 

Now is time for the planning stage.  Everyone has at some point had a measuring tape and butter knifes on the floor marking the space to play with, haven't they?   I keep changing it around, still unsure if I want the bed across the back or to the side.  And what size bed, for that matter.

Did a big expedition earlier to Walfart.  I had a list going on Amazon for things I would be needing.  Today I decided to take that list with it's prices and just compare them to the Walfart down the road.  Hate to say it, but on the same items, Walfart was cheaper.  I have a good start going on the stuff I need.

Will be going to Texas on my first excursion.  For a few reasons.  #1. It's warmer there!!  When you haven't seen 40 degrees as the high in a week, you naturally want to head somewhere warmer.  #2.  Family down there.  Mom and Dad are at their house down there, and I have a sister down there, along with many aunts.  #3.  A big enough trip but still not too far away.  Can test out the camping aspect and get a good shakedown on how road worthy the van will be.  The place I am aiming to go is about an eleven hour drive.  Far enough, yet not too far, and people I know there just in case I run into issues.  Or a warm house if I am totally way off my mark on outfitting the van.

This weekend will be cleaning and tinting the back windows with dark limo tint.   Never tinted windows before, another first for me. :)  Also want to start making a playlist of songs to burn to CD, it's important to have proper tune-age while driving, ya know.

Next week will be hitting the thrift store to see if they have anything for sale that would be useable for a storage/cook area type of center.  They have stuff at Walfart, of course, but may as well try to save a buck.  Also on the to-do list is seeing about replacing the right blinker cover, it seems to not want to stay put.  Looking forward to hitting the road.  Can't wait!


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