The 'Why?'

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

New Rig... Flipper

Yes...  got a new rig.....
Kind of had to, needed/wanted to have a few more amenities.  Mainly, bathroom facilities and air conditioning for this upcoming summer.  I got a good deal.   Needs work, of course.  One of my sis's want's to 'glam it up', haha...   but here's the new wheels....   Flipper.  :)
Give me some time on it, I will pretty it up. :)
Van Halen will be going up for sale, unfortunately.   But hey, I don't want to try to keep 3 vehicles up, ya know. 
Wish me luck on this new adventure!!   :)

Goofy Doggy

Just makes me giggle.

So, last week my parents had me doggy-sit their dog, Wesley.   Just for a day.  But dad did bring food, water, doggy bed, and doggy treats.

Somehow, the doggy treats got hidden and left in my cabinet.  Well, mainly because the doggies were driving me nuts about them.  But, there they were.

Last night, during the storm, since there were possible tornado activity, me and my doggy, Chevy, were up and prepared to hide for cover.  Since Chevy wasn't taking a liking to the noise of the rain and thundering and kept pacing the floor and moaning, I decided to give her one of Wesley's bones.

Well, imagine if you will, the need to try to bury a bone, the fear of not wanting to go outside...what's a doggy to do??      Yes, I found her trying to 'bury' the bone in the corner of a decorative part of the house with twinkle lights.  

The lights didn't work for covering it up, apparently.   haha....

I next found her trying to bury the bone in the doggy bed, which wasn't cooperating.   She gave up and decided to just eat the darn thing.

Goofy doggy.