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Thursday, April 30, 2015


April 26th, 2015.  Did Kansas.

I took my high school bestie with me, Leah.   We hit the road about 9am.  We aimed north.

Wanted to try to find St. Jacob's Well south of Dodge City, but no dice.  I took the exit like I read, went down a dirt single road for miles, we never found it.  Decided, screw it, off we went.

And dammed if Dodge City didn't mess us up with it's signs, we took about 4 wrong turns, lol.  It was all cool, there was no schedule or agenda.  Found a Wendy's for lunch, finally found Boot Hill.

Here is a pic..    I left a Hula John under the 'Unknown'..   I hope that it is okay.

We were aiming to see The Big Well in Greensburg, Kansas, but a detour told us to just say fuck it.  Off we went to Boiling Springs.  Here is a HulaJohn pic at Boiling Springs.  :)

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