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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Second Trip Planned!!

The State:   Kansas.   Why?  To get it out of the way, haha.  And it's close.
The Places:  Aiming to hit Boot Hill, and The Big Well, then Boiling Springs in Oklahoma on the way back.
The Companions:  My bestest friend from highschool, Leah, her doggy Mini LaRue, and my doggy Chevy.
The HulaJohn Goal:  Hope to leave it near the Boot Hill Cemetery or near the OK Corral area.  Think John would be cool with hanging out in a place other not-as-famous-as-him people were in history.
The Miles: about 400 total round trip.
The Duration: just a day trip.

Not sure what day we are leaving yet, I am coordinating with her schedule.  Will be sure to take lots more pictures this time, and on something that will upload onto my computer, haha.  

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