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Thursday, April 30, 2015

C101 and Dad's Harley

I had spent the night at my friend Peggy's house.  My dad was going to come pick me up the next day.

Dad had a Harley.  He was always tinkering on motors.  This Harely, though, he brought back to life.  He even hand sewed the leather seat himself.

So that Saturday, my dad was to come pick me up from Peggy's house.   There I was...   watching as this loud ass C101 channel, hard rock station from out of Corpus Christi, Tx, came driving around the corner, and this Harley Davidson roared into the driveway.

My friend, standing next to me, said...  'WHO is that?!!'...    I said, my dad.    haha.    I didn't realize until that day that my dad was most freaking cool!!!!     I hopped onto the back of his bike, jamming the most awesome music and put my helmet on.  Freaking awesome!

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