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Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Hair Thing

When I lived down in south Texas those five years between 2007-2012, my hair did awesome!!  It was fuller, shiny, full of life, was able to grow it pretty long, and had curls I never knew existed, they were beautiful!

Since moving back in 2012 to dry western Oklahoma, though, ugh!!  It's dry, frizzy, my curls won't show their beautiful self, I can't hardly 'fix' it anymore, straight doesn't work, and it's all just very frustrating because I know what my hair can do.

So I've been trying ever since I moved back to figure out the best combo for my hair..  different products, more/less product, washing more (bad!! move on my hair), washing less, etc.   My ways of doing my hair down south just does not work up here..  really, nothing works.

In saying such, I've decided to try going with the 'no 'poo' method, and have made it a few weeks before going insane and washing it.  I know, supposed to get past that to see the real benefit, but it seemed something would come up and the need to look presentable was a must (ie. no greasy head). 

In my shower, though, I've had at the ready in clear bottles some pre-mixed baking soda and water and a bottle of pre-mixed apple cider vinegar and water.  I've also got another bottle of baby oil I like to sometimes put on after the shower, sure helps put some moisture back into the skin in this dry butt Oklahoma weather.

Let me just say...     be SURE that the bottle you are squeezing all over your wet hair is the right bottle..   because, folks,  baby oil is a !@*!*@!!!! pain to get out!!!!     Yes..  I sure did...   doused my wet hair good with greasy baby oil.  *sigh*    Baking soda x2, shampoo x4, bar soap even...  We will see how this turns out.  I'm being nice to it after that massacre of chemicals and letting it air dry right now.   If you happen to see me out and about and I'm bald, No, I do not have cancer.  I had Baby Oil.  :(

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