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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Charging the A/C

There's not much you can't learn off Youtube and Google these days.

Hit a few places to comparison shop, and settled on buying stuff at Atwoods.  Picked up the connector hose and 5 cans of the R134a refrigerant and a sealant.

Figured, since I did get it fixed right before we left on our Texas trip on a Monday, March 23rd and the dash ran cold until April 1st, it had a slow leak, but works.  Why not just learn to charge it yourself, then pick up some cans along the different trips when it starts to not run as cold.  Better than having to keep taking it to a $$$ mechanic.

Recharged it in the parking lot there at Atwoods and drove it some after to enjoy the coolness.  That was last Friday, didn't drive her again til yesterday, Monday.  Me and the kid and doggies decided to drive around for a while and she was still blowing cold.  :)   The dash fan in her isn't the greatest, but hey...   compared to having no A/C, works just great for me!!

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