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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Walmart Stealth Parking

First experience sleeping in a Walmart parking lot.

We had made it to Ballinger, Tx before it started getting dark, so we found a Walmart and decided to try it out. 

I went in to check it out, it wasn't a Supercenter, just a regular one.  We walked the doggies, then went in and asked the times they were open, 7am-10pm.  Oh well, we went for it.  Here is our spot:

We parked far away from the door and next to a street light.  There was a fairly busy highway next to the store.  We just walked our doggies again, locked our doors, pulled across the privacy curtains and sunshades on the front, and settled in for the night. 

It was fairly cold that night, enough we brought out the wool blanket my sis got me to put over the comforter.  My doggy barely got under the covers before she went all limp noodle on us and didn't move another muscle til the next morning.  She made a good little foot warmer.  ;)   The kiddo's puppy wasn't sure about the whole thing and paced around quite a bit before finally settling in between our pillows by our heads.  It's a good thing we love our doggies.  We slept really good.

The next day we did our routine..  walked the doggies, went in Walmart for their bathrooms, made some Earl Grey tea in travel mugs, grabbed some granola bars from the plastic bins and hit the road.  We were on the road again about 8:30am.  No one bothered us, and we never felt scared there.

First Walmart Stealth Camp = Success!!!

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