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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Dyscalculia with the Map

This is what we did:

That is my kid with her groovy glassed self.  That is the map.  And she is my co-pilot.

What is dyscalculia, you ask?   It's like dyslexic, where you get letters mixed up..  just it's with numbers. 

The result?   Four wrong turns and some extra mileage driven.  haha     Oh well..  we had no schedule and saw some new places.  No big deal.  In Uvalde, for instance, when told I needed to find 140 and go right..what happens?  I get told "There's 90, go left!!!", so I did.   Errr..  umm... yeah..  wrong way, lol!

Yes..  we had GPS on the phone.  Yes..  we also had a Garmin.  BUT..  Yes..  we also had fun this way.  :)

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