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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I Nearly Killed a Classic Mustang

This was when I was younger, stupider, and I nearly killed a classic.

It was a 1965 Mustang, my dad had painstakingly spent many hours working on the body, and then painted it himself.  The color he chose was a metallic blue-green color, which went with the interior. 

This particular day he was going to the local store.  This store was at the other end of our block.  Us girls were there a lot!!   Not sure how many 3 cent gum we stole.  What is the statute of limitations on that, anyways?

So dad was going to the store and I got to go with him.  It wasn't a big trip or anything, I just felt lucky for being able to ride in the 'Tang.

This store was situated on the corner on a short hill.  (Okay, it seemed like a huge hill when I was little).  Dad hopped out to go into the store...    I hopped over to the front seat.  Yeah..  you can see where this is headed.

So I'm pretend driving, moving the wheel, making 'Vroom!!' noices, shifting the gears.  Only, I sorta put it in neutral and it started moving.  Crap!!!!  

My dad, who was at the checkout counter, could see all of this unfold out the window.  His daughter, who couldn't even see over the dash, eyes huge in fear, heading down the hill for the ditch in the car he had just spent so many hours over.  He stood there, unable to move, watching as I somehow managed to steer the backward moving 'Tang to perfectly turn at the street and miss the ditch and get it stopped.

He told me, when getting out to the car and to his scared to death daughter, that he didn't know whether to spank me or hug me, haha.    

I've had great respect for standards and hills ever since.

This is pretty similar to that car:

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