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Monday, April 6, 2015

Big RV Got Listed

Yep, put Mr. Big RV up for sale on Craigslist last night.  Again.  I tried in January, no dice.  Oh well.  Took better pics and reduced the price.  Still not what I have in it, but the transmission was on me, apparently, since everyone can look up the value online.

It was posted for an hour an half before I got two calls on it.  Both asked me what kind of gas mileage it got..  haha!!  The time I checked I had been going between 60-70 mph over Texas Hill Country gunning the engine in the heat of July using the dash A/C...   it had gotten 8mpg.  The thing is awesome, so otherwise I'd keep it.  :)  

But really, it's just too darn big.  Camping should be about adventure, roughing it, and getting outside more.  Not having a nice apartment on wheels that you have to park in a crowded, loud, expensive RV park where you stay inside most of the time.

I do admit, though, I used to hang out in there constantly!  It was like my own little get-a-way cottage.  :)   Guess I'll just do that in the van.  :D

Anyways..   This is the RV I have that I'm selling.  Going from this:

....  to be using this...    Van Halen

Class C RV: 
PROS:                                 CONS:
Shower                                8mpg
233ft of living space           29' long
Sleeps 8                              Sleeps 8 (and everyone wants to stay with you)
Full kitchen                        Hard to maneuver, can't drive everywhere
Generator                           Best plugged in (ie. RV parks or generator)
Nice                                    Expensive to buy, maintain, repair
Full queen bed                    Limited where you can go, and park
Conveniences of home       Dumping the tanks
More storage                       More crap to break on you
Roomier                              Constantly stressed while driving
PROS:                                CONS:
15.7mpg                            15.7mpg (better, but still not great)
Can park anywhere           66ft of living space
Sleeps 2                             Sleeps 2 (less people wanting to stay with you)
Can stealth park (free)       No A/C at night
Self contained                    No tanks to dump
Cheap to buy & convert     No plumbing (carry own water)
Easy to maneuver               No full kitchen
Less crap you don't use       Less storage
So there ya have it. :)


Dust-in-the-Wind said...

If you have a receiver on the van, I've seen folks have a smallish Honda generator in a container on one of the cargo carriers that work with the receiver. Then they'll run one of the portable AC units you can buy at HomeDepot or Lowes, overnight. Logistical issues I know, but at least an alternative to sweating all night.

Pamela B. said...

Thank you!!! Will consider it. :)