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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Van Halen at the Shop

So I took Van Halen in yesterday, for them to look into the A/C leak and tweak the idle thing.

Got a call today from them.  They said they had her hooked up all night to the A/C charge (not positive how he put it or if that is an accurate description of how that works), and it only leaked out about 10lbs since the day before.   A slow leak, he said.  So today, they put dye in it and re-do this procedure and call me tomorrow.  Hope they find it and it's not somewhere ridiculous.

Fingers crossed.

In other news, the Kiddo was in town today.  We had lunch (awesome salmon, omg!!) and decided afterwards to hit Wally World for a few things to attempt to make a bridal bouquet.  It appears that finding a florist in her area to get it done the day of her wedding is pretty difficult, so her back-up plan is to be able to make her own, if need be. 

So I pull into the Walfart parking lot and go to put up my sunshades.  Hey, car was saying it was 103 degrees outside, anything helps!!  lol   So, yeah, I guess I turned the popup shades the wrong way because the edge of one got stuck under the edge of where my rear view mirror mounts to the glass.  I tugged it down to dislodge it, and wouldn't ya know..  it all came down.  Along with a piece of my windshield.  Yep.  Whatever they use to bond that mirror to that glass was stronger than the glass, apparently, lol.   Here's a pic:

Yep, that blob in the middle is missing glass in my windshield, it's counter-part is still sticking to the back of my rear view mirror, lol.   Got some stuff while at Walfart, will try to re-attach it tomorrow.
The attempt to make a wedding bouquet turned out to be pretty fun.  And even though it was a first try at being florists for both of us, and we didn't have the right flowers and colors (hey, this was a trial), I still think it turned out pretty darn good.  :)

Yes, we already know, that thing is way too big for tiny Kiddo, haha.  Shorter stems and less flowers next time. ;)   Cookie, near her feet, seemed to be enjoying herself as well.  The fuzy thing more north is her tail hair with her upturned butt, the fuzzy thing in the middle is her fuzzy head, and the slightly darker thing more south near Kiddo's toes was a ragged squirrel Cookie was trying to help along to an early death.  Goofy doggy.
Speaking of goofy doggies, my doggy Chevy learned a cool new move yesterday.  Past few weeks we have been going for a golf cart ride on the land here in the evenings and letting the doggies run wild.  Chevy hasn't really gotten to do this much, as she's been want to be the wanderer all her life, so she's been limited.  It's taken a while, but she is finally learning not to wander off and to stay near and she gets to go out and without a leash more.  Maybe old dogs CAN learn new tricks??  haha/  She'll be 13 years old this New Years Eve, by the way. 
So yesterday she was doing her thing of flying balls out across the field, doggy tongue hanging out, a complete look of utter joy across her face.  She hasn't got a lot of stamina built up yet, working on it, and it was hot out yesterday, so we weren't going to be running for any length of time.  On the last big run I was turned watching her, when she did her cool new move.  Guess she was watching me and not the tall grass she was coming upon because next thing I knew she was going down nose first into the grass.  Only, she did a like ninja roll onto her side and next thing I saw was feet up in the air rolling over.  She, of course, got up and looked around and you just KNEW she was looking to see if anyone had seen that.   Haha, omg it was hilarious!
Hoping the Van gets back to me soon so I can plan a little mini-trip to the folks place.  Dad's BBQ chicken is calling my name, dangit!!  :)

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