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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

We Were Dancing Queens

*Que Abba's 'Dancing Queen' music*

Yep... as it was.. it was a Saturday.  Sometimes we actually weren't going anywhere out of town when I was growing up.   If such is the case, my mom would load up us girls and head to Corpus Christi, Tx, about 40 minutes from where we lived.

We took our skates..  she dropped us off..  we were there for HOURS!!  We were totally Dancing Queens of the roller world.   Disco ball and everything!!  They had smoke even!  We would skate all day!

Hours later, this all concluded with a trip to a Mexican food place.. usually Monterey House.  Where the awesome people would put that awesome Mexican wrapped candy (pralines) at the bottom of the chip basket and all us kids would dive in for it to eat before the food arrived.  

This was in the era of when Sunrise Mall was actually the thing to go to in Corpus..   Anyone ever seen 'The Legend of Billie Jean'??  The mall scene was our mall, and in that time frame..  yeah!!  :)

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