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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Up Next for Van Halen

Been driving her a bit this last week and have decided on a few things.

First off, the A/C leak is going to need to be hunted down and fixed.  Will be looking for someone to do that very thing this week.  There's no way to even contemplate going much anywhere in this heat, the inside temps in that pretty uninsulated rig is just too much for this wimpy white girl.  Since the compressor works and ran cold for a while, I know the compressor is fine, the Freon just leaks out.  Shouldn't be too terribly expensive to fix.  I hope, anyways.

Second off, the Van drives fine even with the idle issue.  Drives pretty darn good actually.  And she's even been pretty good about not dying when I put her into gear.  Heck, it's nearly a non-issue.  I can drive her, as-is.  Might get to where I'm good with my left foot for the brake and my right foot on the gas, if I feel it's needed.  So, just gonna drive her like that. :)  Hey, 'her' is almost 20 years old.. she's allowed some quirks!!  :D

And lastly, the tranny issue pretty much isn't there at all now.  There has been no more leakage or slippage.  The fluid is still a wee bit over full, and has been since the next morning after the Arkansas major leak in the mountains.  So know what?  I'm just gonna drive her.  I won't put her through the same heat and stress like was put on her in Arkansas.  There, done. 

That's all for the mechanical issues.   After the A/C is fixed I'll take her on a trip or two not too far to see how she fairs.  Parents live about an hour away, that'd be a good start.  The kid lives about 3 hours away, that's another good little trip. 

I have been contemplating, though, tweaking the inside a bit.  It's never ending, I suppose.  Just feel like the space isn't being utilized it's best.  The desk, for example, while great in theory, isn't really getting much use and it almost a waste of space.  I have considered removing the desk and keeping the two deep double plastic bins against that wall in it's place. 

My jumper pack had a problem last time I used it, now the 12 volt plug-in isn't working.  I use the heck out of my 12 volt fan at night, so this concerns me some.  I will probably upgrade to the bigger jumper pack, which will have 2 12 volt plugs, and 2 DC plugs, and more juice.  Then again, that thing is bigger and heavier.  Either this or get some external battery packs that I can hook up to a small solar panel on the dash to charge up and a few USB fans.  I have one small jumper pack with the USB plug-in and have tried just using that small USB fan.  It works and didn't consume a ton of juice, it just didn't move the amount of air as the Roadpro 12 volt fan did. 

Rethinking the potty thing.  Current one sure takes up the space and is rarely used.  Might go with something more compact and storable.  I know I'm a weirdo, but I like knowing I have my own option should the need arise.  Plus.. have you seen some of those bathrooms out there?  Eek!! 

Still so much to consider...  which is the FUN of it!!!  :)

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