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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Almost Van Roll

This was in my teens...

So there we were..  

My mom and dad had decided to do yet another life change between my sophomore and junior year of high school.  Quitting their jobs and moving us girls to western Oklahoma. 

As it was, on one summer day..  us girls were amusing ourselves while mom and dad were at their new jobs.  Being in our teens, it was no big deal.

But me... in my BRILLIANT mind, decide to do the unthinkable. 

See...  on the back of a cereal box, was the awesome coupon for a free Dairy Queen ice cream cone.  As it was hot, oh heck yeah!!   As I was a broke teen..  oh effin' double hells yeah!!!!   But...   how to get to the Dairy Queen in town??

Enter...  el old been everywhere trusty Chysler van!!  That thing was bought brand new in 1979, it was now about 1987, had been about all over the lower 13 states and then some..  well over 200k miles..  and it was sitting pretty in the driveway.

Did I have a license??   Nope.   Did I have my parents permission?  Nope.   Did I have more than one coupon, hence inviting my sisters?  Nope. 

So what does rebel-Pammy do in such circumstances???   She steals the van, that's what she does!!!

Yes, I did.   And I will have you know.. on the way back..  if you drop said free Dairy Queen ice cream cone and try to pick it up on the way back home on a back road... you WILL drive into the ditch.. the stolen van WILL turn sideways..   you WILL see your life flash in front of your eyes while you try to maneuver it back on to the road..  and you WILL thank your lucky stars you got home safely without a scratch to you or the van, ice cream well within your belly.. and no one knew the difference.

Until now..   (sorry mom and dad!!   I am safe though!! :)  )

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