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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I Did Not Know I Saw A Ghost

This was in the house that I grew up in.

Strange things have happened there.  It was never anything big, or scary.  Just some funny things that could not be explained.

Well, apparently, my older two sis's bedroom was haunted.  I did not know this.  She would play games with them.  Mostly, with my dad.  She would sometimes peek over the bed, appear in the closet, hide things and put them later on to be found in weird places.

True story..  One night, my older sis Alicia was eating a carrot in the bed.  Cause..  that is what you DO at night as a kid, right?   When she got to the nasty end, she decided to throw it down the hallway.  The hallway from her bed was a straight shot down the hall with nothing in it's way. 

As it so happens, my dad had a penchant for popping his toes before he went to sleep at night.  Hey, don't judge, we all have our things!!   That night, he was sitting at the end of the bed, doing his thing, about to go to sleep, so the lights were out.  All the sudden, something hits him on the foot.   Weird, right?   So he turns on a few lights, looks around.. looks some more.. finds nothing..  goes to sleep.

When he woke.. wouldn't you know it, the carrot end was on the pillow by his face.

It was stuff like that.  Nothing scary.  Mostly in fun.

So as it happened one night, I was asleep in my bunk.  See, our house had cathedral ceilings, no attic.  So the roof sloped upwards in the middle to go with this, our room, my and my lil sis's Becky's room, was in the middle of the house where this ceiling peeked.  So we had a tall ceiling and my dad hand made us some bunk beds.  They were pretty tall cause of the roof. 

So I was sleeping on the top bunk that night when I woke, for whatever reason, and looked down, and I could see her.  She was kind of floating, dressed in red, with what looked like a red hat.  I thought it was the tooth fairy.  That tells you how young I was.  I immediately went right back to sleep so she could give me my quarter or whatever.  

It was only years later, after hearing about her..  it hit me.  I was 26 years old, my parents and sis's were at my house, and they started talking about her.  I've never seen her otherwise and never felt anything there.  But when they described her, it totally made sense!!  What I saw was her, not the tooth fairy.  Heck, I didn't even have a tooth out that night! 

When we moved, my parents rented the house out to a few of our relatives.  Without us asking, they asked my parents instead, if they ever saw the red haired girl.  Another cousin who stayed with them saw her, too.

Years later, while on a visit down there, the house was up for sale.  My sister's decided to knock and talk to the owners.  They told them that they had grown up in the house and asked if they could see the house, sentimental reasons and all.  The current owners asked my sis's if they had seen the little girl.

A few more years later...  it is up for sale again.  I can't remember which relative when inside to look around..  but they say, that room, my older sis's room..  is the ONLY room to have yet to be remodeled!  Same wood paneling, same everything!  Everything else in the house has been redone.  That room looks just exactly the same as when my sisters had it. 

My dad told me he sometimes goes to the window and tells her 'hi' from time to time.  He would truly like to know who she is, why she sticks around.  There have been too many people that have seen her to not believe that this is true..   that it is a possibility.  This being is obviously stuck there.  She never harmed or scared, she was mischievous, never in a bad way.  Sure wish we could know the story.

I wouldn't believe had I not seen her with my own two eyes though..  even though I didn't realize it until 20 years later.


Jennifer Downs said...

I don't call it haunted, but there was a little blond haired boy who would show up at my house in Weatherford. There was a little boy who lived in the house with his dad before we bought it. He was killed riding his bicycle. He ran out in front of a car. Very sad story. I believe the little boy I would see was him. I was never startled or scared by him...not even the first time I saw him. My son was maybe 3 yrs old when he saw him. He said..."Mom a little boy just went in my room." Now you would think a 3 yr. old would take off running to his room after the boy he saw, but no, he waited on a response from me. I told him it was okay because his room used to be the little boys room...which was true...and the little boy just wanted to check it out. My son never ask about the boy again.

Pamela B. said...

Wow, crazy! Does he remember that?