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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Next Trip: New Mexico and Utah

That's where we be headed next weekend for two weeks. 

I am reminding myself to take my camera, and take it out!!  And use it!!   :)

Really just driving through New Mexico, but there are points of interest along the way.  Most of the time will be spent in Utah.  Doing it differently this time...  sadly, Van Halen stays home.   I am hitching a ride.  Will be different to let someone else drive it all.  Not sure if this will be good or bad, lol. 

Place in Utah we're aiming is near Zion National Park, the area around Torrey, and Moab.  The others are gonna be riding their motorcycles, I'll be driving the big truck, taking the doggies.  We will either follow them or find some other places I want to check to go see that day.

At night, we are going to be camping out of the cargo trailer that the motorcycles will be hauled up there in.  Man!!  There's a LOT of crap to load up.  And we will be unloading and reloading at all 3 points of interest.  I have a feeling it will get old fast, but we will see. 

Sure wish Van Halen had a badass motor that could also pull this trailer, cause everything needed was already in there, ready to go.  Now I'm having to steal stuff from her..   *sniff sniff* to pack up on the trip. 

But hey!!  can't wait to see that beautiful scenery and get to camp out.  :D   Should be fun!!!  :)

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