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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Lost Time Reading

Does anyone else have this problem besides me??   Like you've stepped into a black hole of sorts and hours of your time has gone by, but you have only scratched the surface of the things you want to read.

Take this morning, for example.  Here it is, almost 11am, I am still sipping on my first cup of coffee  (have already had one cup of tea but wanted something stronger).  As of right now I have 5 tabs open of stuff I want to read on..   and I have already been reading for 5 hours!!

Since I am in the planning phase of my next trip, most of the things I have been reading have been other peoples blogs.  They give me ideas of places to visit and the like.  Sometimes product reviews.  Sometimes neat camping hacks.  Interesting stories, always.

But then, that one blog links to another one, a new one (Ohhh!!!   a new shiny!!!  :) )...   which in turn has links to other ones (even more shiny's!!!!   Sweet!!!)...    who has even more links (endless shiny's!!!!   I am in heaven!!!). 

Thank goodness I didn't have anything pressing to do today.   Well, could be doing laundry, but, oh well.  These shorts and t-shirt will work for today.

Must admit, all of this reading has REALLY given me the traveling bug severe!!  As it stands, I am aiming for mid-September for my next trip.  Still unsure of when, hence all the reading. :)

Guess I best get back to it!! :D

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