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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Roller Coaster Road

That is the name of the road we called it.  It was a white rock dirt road down the road from us, and was a continuous up and down road.  No one drove it much.  It was perfect for our shenanigans!!

As it was, poor dad had 4 daughters and no son.  That did not stop him from keeping us in wheels.  Roller skates, bicycles, mini bikes, and go carts.

About the time he was making us mini bikes and go carts, we had discovered this road.  Our rule was always that we would ride these things on the alley across the street from us, back and forth, so dad could keep an eye out for us.  (our block did not have an alley).

But what we really did...  bwahahaha....     We would ride down the alley a time or two.. then go to the end and hot foot it down to the road..  Roller Coaster Road...  then fly to our hearts content.  For like, all of 2 minutes.. then it was hot foot it back to the alley so we could make sure dad was happy.

Wow, those dips and hills were exhilarating!!   Didn't know then, the road was super dangerous cause cars couldn't really see well while they, themselves, flew over them.  What did we know, we were stupid kids.  We still went every chance we could get away with!!

Sorry dad..   but you really built some awesome toys!!!  :D

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