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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Trip to Quartz Mountain

Decided to take my happy butt on down south to see my mom and dad at their house near Quartz Mountain Nature Park today.

Mom and dad live on the east side of Lake Altus-Lugert, which is adjacent to Quartz Mountain Nature Park.  Confusing to me, as they all go together, but who am I to point this out to those in charge, haha.  Anyways, decided to hop in Van Halen and stretch her legs, as a bonus, go to see the parents before they took off down south for a few weeks.

As a treat, I offered to bring the fixings and fix my crockpot jambalaya for them.  It was a hit.  After some hanging out and eating, we decided to hop in the Van and go see some stuff around the lake.  I remembered my camera this time. 

It's interesting, the contrast between most of western Oklahoma, and this little spot in south western Oklahoma.  Here are examples:   this is me driving home (just ignore the rude bug that decided to kamikaze my windshield, I was driving)

... And this was the place I went to:

The mountains are interesting.  They are more rocks than dirt.   Here is a close up for ya:

Yeah, sometimes you have to watch out for fallen rocks.

The lake has been pretty empty for the past few years.   So bad it didn't have any fish left.  With all this wonderful rain we've had the lake has really filled up.  Here is an example of how it was, this picture you can see the top of a tree that had grown that is nearly under water.  I caught my dad in the picture :)  :

The lake has filled up enough, the tourist trade has picked up.  When the last few years has shown hardly anyone enjoying the lake or camping, this is what we saw out there today:

The parking lot was almost too full for me to turn around in, must be a lot of locals tickled to be using their toys again, here's the butt of Van Halen, I didn't get a good shot of the rest of the vehicles parked to the left:
Unfortunately, the farmers have sway over letting the lake out to water their crops, I got a picture of the waterway, the water was going pretty fast and it's deep, here's a few pics of the lake being drained out for farmers, lake be damned apparently.  They say they will let this go until the lake is empty:
My mom had to pose for a quickie on the walkway up to this spillway, haha:

 Around the other side of the lake is a little beach and the boat ramp, there were more boats out there than I caught:

A few other pictures around the area:
Pretty decent lodge area and an art center with a covered bridge that was nice.   Here is mom and dad posing for a picture:
Mom took one of me and dad.  But..  naturally, my eyes were closed, so I'm not including it.  :p
Was a very nice little trip.  Van Halen ran pretty cold, so that was awesome!  Got to check out their cool little 12' travel trailer, and all the work my dad did on my sis, Alicia's, lake house next door to theirs.  Got to see my uncle Ronny.  Chevy got to visit mom and dad's pooch, Wesley.  Food was good.  Company was good.  :)  Great trip!!

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