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Friday, September 11, 2015

Pics from New Mexico

Right now I am in Utah taking a much needed break.

Me and the doggies are chilling at the campsite here in Torrey.  Decided to not hit the road with the others and do some much needed recharging.

The doggies are on a running leash between two trees with plenty of water and food.  Its so nice in the shade I drug out an air mattress and join them.  I am attempting this on my phone, so bear with me.

Yeah..  They taking it pretty well.  Even made nice w each other in the truck.

Here are some random pics from New Mexico, including where I planted the hula doll.

Eek!!   Lol

I decided to go ahead and leave a hula doll at Gallup, New Mexico at a Denny's where we had breakfast.

Well, guess I better try posting this to see if it works.  Way more and better pics on my camera, post more later.

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