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Monday, March 9, 2015

The Unfortunate Jelly Bean Incident

This sequence of events happened to me at a new job in January, 2008.

We had moved to south Texas and I had gotten a job at one of the biggest hospitals there in Corpus Christi, Tx as an xray tech.  It was my first week, I was very nervous. 

I was to have two weeks of training.  The hospital was so big it took up two city blockes, with seperate xray departments on each block.  The first week I was to train on the older side, the second week on the E.R. side.  It was then end of my first week there, on a Friday afternoon, thank goodness, that the jelly bean incident occured.

It had gotten pretty slow that after noon and some other co-workers suggested we go downstairs to check out the gift shop.  I tagged along.  Was looking around for something light to just pass the time with and spied some Jelly Belly Jelly Beans that looked like it would fit the bill.

I had downed about half of the not so big bag when I started to not feel so good.  You know, that deep in the gut grumbling feeling that is like a warning that something is about to go down.  And I still had about an hour and half to go until the end of my shift and a 40 minute drive after that before I would make it home.  I knew this was not going to turn out well.

Thankfully, THANKFULLY, I was turned out early as it wasn't busy we were caught up.  I did not argue in the least and made haste to get out of there before I embarassed myself, things were about to get really bad, I could feel it.

White knuckled and sweating profusely, I made it home in time and barely made it to the toilet.   Oh my gosh it was bad.  Horrible bad!  I seriously thought something was terribly wrong.  If you've ever seen the movie 'Bridesmaids' just picture Megan on the sink yelling 'It's coming out of me like lava!' and that pretty much describes the scene in the bathroom.

I was stuck back there in the bathroom for a while.  I was back there when John came home from work.  I let him know that things were bad and to steer clear of the bathroom area.  Then I yelled at him that I didn't know how long it would be, so if he got hungry I had some jelly beans in my purse he could snack on to tide him over.  He said thanks and hoped I felt better.

A few minutes later I could hear him laughing very loud from the living room.  He had to read it out loud for me.  Here is a picture of the warning label.

Ummm... yeah.   No wonder!!!   Start with eight?!   Lol..  oops.

And they sold those in the gift shop.  Holy moly, here was sick people, and relatives coming to see them, and looking for a sugar free snack to try to get them to feel better.  And instead they give them monstrous stomach cramping and explosive diarrhea.  Gee, thanks!!

So if you ever need a good, errr..  cleaning out..   I know what I can suggest for you.  Your mileage may vary.

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