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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Best Shower Ever!!

This is a little story about the best shower I ever had.

It was a hot summer day, a weekend we decided to go visit the Little Saraha sand dunes near Waynoka, Oklahoma.  It was probably around the year 2003 in the summer.  We had drove the old little class C RV that I named Betsy and pulled the dune buggy on a trailer behind it to the dunes, it was a few hours from where we lived..

Betsy was only 21' long, so there wasn't a ton of room inside her.  She consisted of a pretty good sized bed over the cab, a small dinette table that converted into a bed, a wet bath type toilet plus shower, a small kitchen and a couch across the back that converted into a bed.

We had been out on the dunes that Saturday.  It was horribly hot, and the winds were pretty bad that day.  When you add both of those, heat and high winds, and you then in add John's complete inability to drive slow on the dunes you end up with a sand monster.  That's what I felt like.  Sand in every orifice, in my teeth, in my eyes..  everywhere!!

And of course, we broke down again.  Thankfully, that weekend we were able to get a camping spot that had hookups, so we were able to plug in and run our air conditioner, so the camper was a welcome blessing from the heat. 

Okay, heat taken care of.  But the sand, ugh!  Time to take care of that.  Even if it meant facing the wet bath.

Let me describe the wet bath...   Imagine tiny closet.  Like, less than the space of a closet.  Maybe a coat closet.  You open the door, and have to step up inside a plastic raised shower bottom, there is a tiny sink in the corner on the left, you turn counter clockwise and sit and your butt will be sitting on the toilet.  If you tried to extend your elbows out I am not sure you could extend it all the way, your elbows would be hitting the walls.  That is how tightly enclosed it is.  But hey, you have a shitter and a shower if you have to have it.

After I went outside and lit the water heater than ran off propane, I waited a few minutes for the water to heat up.  Didn't really have to wait long because I wasn't needing a super hot shower, not with the hot weather and how hot I was already, anyways. 

So now it is time to brave the tiny shower.  I get in, toss my clothes out the door, pull the curtain all the way around so that it is covering the door and toilet paper that's on it's holder and proceed to take a shower.

O...M...G!!!      Best freaking shower anyone has ever taken,  EVER!  I don't give a crap that it was cramped, or didn't have great water pressure, or that our water resources was limited to our 30 gallon water tank that was to last us the entire weekend..   I sat on the toilet and had the most awe inspiring shower of my entire life.  All 4 minutes of it.  It was just heavenly!

Never did I gripe about it's cramped conditions after that.  It would have been sacrilegious.  Who ever invented that little set up to combine function, space saving, water saving, and a multi-purpose facility all in one was a genius!  I salute you!!

I didn't get a picture of the one we had, but here is a close enough picture so you get an idea.

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