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Friday, March 13, 2015

My Lazy VanDay

Ever have one of those days when you get things done fairly early and don't have anything else pressing to do?  That was yesterday.

The sun was out, light breeze, and it was low 70's, just a gorgeous day!!   So what'd I do?  I hung out in the van. :)  Had a weak moment and got a book off Amazon to read on my iPad (halfway through it and the $4.40 was so worth it!) and just wanted to relax and read.

One of the back doors open, the side door open, it created a nice gentle breeze.  There was an owl hooting and some birds chirping.  I stacked a few pillows behind me on the bed and just had myself a grand time with my book.

Ahhh...   Sure was nice.  :)

Still stuck waiting on the stupid *^%$#$%^&* title...    *grumbles and shakes fist into air* but until then, will try to enjoy the van while I can.  :D

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