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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Movie Time Part 1

There were two incidents, actually, I am going to write about.  This is the first one.  Both are funny now, of course.  :)

Let me start off explaining the movie theatre experience for me.  I admit up front, I am a butt at the movies, I admit it.  I REQUIRE my own space.  Please keep your elbows and all of your possessions on your side of the armrests.  This is 'my' space, you have 'your' space.  It's not a difficult rule, in my opinion.  Some people have a really hard time with it.  Which makes it really hard for me to enjoy going to the movies with anyone that does not respect my space.  I avoid going with anyone that does not adhere to my rules.  Yes, it's true.  Sue me.

My daughter gets me, though.  She really does.  She is an awesome movie partner!!    We have a team approach to going to the movies that works for both of us. :)   One of us will wait in the snack line to get our snacks while the other goes to scout good seating.  The one scouting good seating texts the one standing in line the location of said awesome seats so they know where to go after procuring snacks.  It works great. (and yes, we are awesome at smuggling in candy from the dollar store before going to the matinee's)

What is good seating??  The optimal seating placement, in my opinion, haha, is near the aisle, with maybe a seat extra between us two and the isle, so no one wants to sit in that single seat, and we have room for either elbow room or a place to put our stuff, and for quick exit.  Not too high, not too in the floor.   The outer isle area only if you are able to exit from the sides of the isles, otherwise, no one wants to sit in the isle you have to walk and bump everyones knees of who you have to pass in front of during a movie in case of potty break or more snack procurement.

This time I will write about took place when Iron Man 3 came out.  I was anxiously awaiting it's release and we had agreed to go on opening day.  The matinee.  I knew it would be crowded, but gees!!

Okay, so we got in early, kid in line at snack counter, I went to get us seats.  It was already full and my heart sank.  Finally found a couple places in mid level near the end isle that was a few rows up, easy exit, if needed.  I took up 3 places, putting something by my left, right, and near the wall, and texted my daughter where I was.  The theatre was filling up really fast and I had to fend off our places a few times.  Finally she showed up, sat next to me, we were near the wall with one lone seat next to me.  Life was good.

Some people filled up the entire rest of the isle, up to the empty seat next to me.  Who would want that one seat, I reasoned, right?   Yeah.  

So the beginning ads were running, I thought we were in the clear.  She had room next to her between the wall and I had an extra seat by me.  Then I heard the dude next to my empty chair yelling to a guy at the bottom in the line of people filtering in, 'Here's a chair!', I could have killed him!  

The guy was walking with a cane, I noticed, what could I say.  I glowered at the dude next to the empty chair, but I doubt he could feel my looks.  The guy with the cane hobbled down the row of people already on our row and settled down right smack dab next to me.  Sigh.  Okay, fine.  Whatever, who can get angry at a guy having to walk with a cane.  I wasn't going to be one.

That is..  the dude started the first part of the movie with his elbow clearly over my side.  Okay, not a big deal, you say.. right?  Enough so that every time I leaned forward to put my drink on the floor or whatever I literally hit his elbow.  Did the elbow move?  Nope.  He moved it back further, like nearly touching my boob, I was starting to get ticked.  My daughter could see and could probably imagine steam coming out of my ears at this point.  I leaned forward, past his elbows, so I wouldn't be gouged with it, and she asked me if I wanted to trade her places.  'I'm fine' I said, though I wasn't.  It was nice of her, but I was trying to deal with it. 

And seriously, the dude kept moving and knocking me with his elbow, not apologizing once.  His cane was across where my feet were.  I was trying to be nice, I really was.  After about the third knock with his elbow, I very pointedly looked over at him, with zero response or apology or move to correct his rudeness.  I was really steaming this time, and my daughter kinda loudly asked me again (in part to make sure he heard it) if she wanted me to trade places with her, to which I said no.  I was fuming at this point and in no way enjoying the movie I had waited for a while to see.

The final straw was when I had settled back into my seat to avoid his elbow, yet again, ever inching forward toward my leaning forward back.. I had sat back to give his effin' elbow room and was crouched next to my daughters seat giving him plenty of space and this is what happened..  He literally leaned back and elbowed me hard right above my boob.  That was it!!  Mr. Cane be damned!  I literally leaned forward, turned my head toward him and said loudly 'Really?   Would you like me to sit on my daughter's lap to give you some more room?!'  I was livid!     It was met with "Oh, sorry" and a sort of eye roll and he moved back in to his own space finally.  How can some people be so oblivious to their own surroundings and those of others??  I sat there fuming the entire rest of the time, not enjoying any part of the movie, I still don't remember it and will have to re-watch it again some day to see what happens.  But really?  My daughter kept asking me to switch and I kept assuring her I was fine but we both know I was barely holding it in. 

At the end of the movie, we waited til most were gone, but truly, we were waiting til Mr. Cane was out of there so I didn't have to blow up yet again.  I feel bad for my daughter because my experience was so horrible.   I wish they had bigger elbow rests to separate people so they can enjoy the movie better, they might go more often.  But in their greedy quest to cram yet more people in, they sardine them in and ruin the experience for some.  I am one of those.  It's not one of my finer points, I admit.

Next, the time at the theatre someone hurt kiddo's mom..   to be continued on Movie Time Part 2...

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