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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Movie Time Part 2

So on this movie excursion, it was matinee day and me and the daughter were off to see The Wizard of Oz with James Franco in it.  It was just a boring day and it sounded like fun, no big deal.  We weren't anxiously waiting for this to open or anything, just nothing else sounded better.

We got there early, as usual, got our snacks, got a good spot, not many people in the seats, it was good.   A bit later a group of teens sat behind us, about 8 of them.  Great.  But hey, if they didn't bother us, we won't bother them.

But this one chick, ugh!   She sat about 7 seats in behind our row.  Back and forth she went through the whole movie, knocking our chair the entire time, texting on the phone so we could see her light, making sounds and just all together annoying us.  And on it went through the movie, nothing too bad, just enough that we noticed, is all.

Almost towards the end of the movie, the chick got up yet again, knocking our chair forward to get past, and again no apology or nothing, just rudeness in her haste.  Whatever, we were enjoying the show and snacks.  When she came back, yet another round of knocking chairs and stuff, this time my pony tail was hanging over the back of the chair and she grabbed the back of my chair to get past and yanked my head back.  No apologies, nothing, I looked her way, but said nothing.  Such a rude girl.

At the end of the movie, me and kid sat there like we usually do, letting the anxious people filter past.  We gathered our stuff and was going to wait past this.  Sometimes you get to see little glimpses of other stuff at the end of the credits, so it's not wasted time sometimes.  But that chick...  that annoying chick, decides to not wait for her row to filter out, she climbs over our rows of seats into our row, and over the next set in front of us to get out of there.   I made the mistake of mentioning to my daughter it was the same chick that pulled me hair.  She got cold, turned to me, said 'What?!'.  I said when she came back last time she yanked my pony tail.  The kid calmly said 'Get your things right now.' and she was off.  I quickly gathered my things and went after her.

This is what I was greeted to when I finally got to the lobby.  My tiny kid, all 5'1 3/4" kid with her finger in the nose of a rude chick who stood a foot over her, she was giving the  talk down of her life of how you do and do not treat people and rudeness...   I was never so proud of her in my life!!   You do NOT hurt her mother!   I didn't know what to do so I walked casually by so I could hear some and that bigger girl just had a big eyed look on her and was not saying anything and then my kid just turned on her heels and marched to the front door.  We caught up in the parking lot and she was still livid in her anger.  It was spectacular!  Big or small, there is no excuse for rudeness.. or messing with someone's momma, dangit!   I was in awe.  :)

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