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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

List of Lists

Gearing up to hit the road soon, it's list time.

But now I have a list of the lists I have compiled, haha.   Lists of things needed.  Lists of things to get done before taking off.  Lists of things to check in to.   List of towns I am aiming for that would need a basic route mapped out.  Lists of clothing to take.  Lists of food items needing to bring.   You get the idea.

Might just say to heck with it, toss some clothes in a bag and into the van, eat whatever is in the van and get fresh food along the way, and just keep paper handy inside the van for when something comes up I might actually 'need' on the road.  Have a pretty good basic set up already, some food, water, entertainment...    Should be just fine.  ;)

Taking the van to the shop on Thursday to see what they can tell me about the AC unit.  It runs, I can hear it, but on high it seems the output in the vent is barely there, like a door isn't opening to allow the air to come out.  That, and it isn't blowing cold, hopefully that is just a recharge issue.  We shall see.

Aiming to head out next Monday or Tuesday.  Hopefully the bulk of the spring breakers will have gone back home and it isn't so nuts down by the coast when we hit down there later next week.   Now, if those swimsuits will just hurry up and come in before I leave, that would be great.. 

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