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Monday, March 23, 2015

The Hunt for a Tire Rim

Today I'll be packing stuff and hunting down a tire rim and tire.  Seems like the Van didn't come with anything should I have a flat.  Eek!

We shall be headed out tomorrow, woot!!  :)


Anonymous said...

Check with Heather's dad in Canute. Snowders Alignment

Lori Ann said...

Hey you ! I thought that you left already because I haven't seen any posts.

Pamela B. said...

Spare tire problem solved, we took off Monday afternoon. :) Made it to south Texas, chilling at the parents house. Will post update with pics soon :D

Lori Ann said...

Travel safe !!! I will be looking forward to hearing all about your trip !!

Anonymous said...

I found the hula doll that Karen left at Padre Balli park in Corpus Christi,TX, today. I feel very special that I was the one to have found it. She will sit on my dash next to my other hula girl! Good luck on your journey!!

~Johanna from CC,TX~

Pamela B. said...

Omg that is awesome!!! Ty for finding it and honoring it on your dash. :) Makes me happy!!