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Friday, February 27, 2015


Let me just say it here and now...  I truly HATE SHOPPING!  For anything.  The ritual is lost on me.  I'd rather get a root canal than be forced into an all day shopping trip to a mall.

I'm not really sure what it is about the act of shopping that I dislike so much.  What comes to mind is:  salespeople pouncing on your as soon as you walk into the door, the other shoppers' etiquettes, the sensory overload of product advertising, crowded isles, and standing in lines.  Any one of them or all of the above will hit me with the strong desire to get out of there, like now! 

There was this one time... at band camp...   haha, just kiddin'!   Okay, for real, though, this one time me, my late hubby and my daughter were going to look at furniture.  They both had missions, to divert the sales people so I would be left alone.  I either liked the piece of furniture or I didn't, I didn't want to engage in bullshit chatter or sales tactics.  We went to quite a few places and our technique was always the same, they chatted with the sales people, I walked from piece to piece and it was either I liked it or did not.  Usually it was 'did not' and walked on.  I didn't care what brand it was, or that there was a sale going on for that particular item, so I didn't want to hear it. 

I remember walking into the furniture place where I found my bedroom set, the saleslady wasn't as pushy and she sort of followed close behind me.  She heard me pointing and saying 'no', 'no', no' while I kept walking around.  I finally stopped at one and said 'yes'.  Done.  THAT is the one I want.  There, done.  I don't care what the price is, I wouldn't have went looking if I didn't have the money for the one I want, and I wanted that one.  I am done.  No, I do not want to look at other ones, I am finished.  How much, do you deliver, and please just let me get out of here, thank you.

Cars are the same way.  Usually do research ahead of time anyways, in the comfort of my home without outside influence.  So either I already like the vehicle, or I steer clear of them.  Even houses I am sad to say, I hate shopping for them.  I either get a feel for them or I don't.  I don't want to waste time, mine or the real estate agents, on something I'm not interested in.

Shopping for clothes is at the top of my list of my all time most hated shopping excursions.  Some people shop out of boredom.  I am NEVER that bored!!  haha   Give me a book any day over a clothing store, please!    I just can't see why others love shopping so much they would subject themselves to going to a mall, going from store to store to pile up items in their arms to march into a dressing room, undress, dress, undress, fold 'em back up and march back out..  only to go get another pile and repeat the process all over again.  From store to store.  Dressing room to dressing room.  Just to hope you look good to other people who probably don't give a crap what you are wearing anyways.   Honestly.. can you remember a year ago today what you were doing, and who you were with, and what they wore?  No?   See?  Really, who gives a flip what shoes they were wearing?  It's all bull caca and I loathe it.  Except for thrift stores..  throw it in the buggy if you like it, come out with a large bag of clothes for like $20, re-donate it if you get home and it doesn't fit.  heck yeah! :)

Grocery shopping is a close second of all time most hated shopping excursions.  I go so far as to write up my list (I shop sales a lot and stick mainly to the outskirts of the store, most processed stuff is in the middle, least at my stores), and write it in order of the isles.  *que the theme song for Mission Impossible*   It's like a quest, to get in, not be seen by someone you know, grab stuff on your list, and get out of there in the quickest, most efficient way possible.  Route is mapped, items listed with quantities in order, I gear up in the car, I'm dodging people in the isles like I'm playing a chess game, and I place items in the basket and on the counter at checkout to make the unloading process as fast as possible. 

I remember one time when my daughter was about 16 she went with me on a grocery shopping day.  I pulled up into the parking lot and was just sitting there, willing myself to go in and just get it over with.  Yes, I really hate shopping that much! lol   After a while, probably 10 minutes of putting it off, my daughter finally just said "Mom, the skinny people are starving over here!"   haha.  Laughed ourselves silly about that and finally went in.  A few years later when she was about 20 years old and just scraping by, I used to pay her to go shopping for me.  Yes, I really did.  I wrote out everything I needed, handed over my debit card, and paid her about $40 to go get it and bring it back.  She even helped me unpack the bags, it was awesome!!    Sure wish I could still afford to do that...  but, alas..   at near 26 years old I think I may have rubbed off on her and now she hates shopping as much as I do.  Drats.  Oh well, it was good while it lasted. ;)

Christmas is no longer a joyful season, least not to me.  Next year I think I will do what bears do and hibernate through winter and just skip it entirely.  Call me Scrooge.  *shrugs*   How did it get so messed up?  Seems like there isn't my Joy anymore at that time of the year.  They shove Christmas stuff down our throats earlier and earlier.  I saw some stuff out before Halloween this past year.  What will it be like in a few years, Christmas stuff out at Easter?   Or just leave it out all year? 

Which brings me to another thing I question.. which ties in with shopping and Christmas..   what does anyone really NEED anymore?  Do you really think grandpa needs that nose hair trimmer set?  I guess it can keep company with his other two sets, huh?   It just seems to me, when you can't figure out what to get so-and-so for Christmas..  MAYBE...  just maybe.. it's CAUSE THEY DON'T NEED ANYTHING.   ;)

I do have a weakness and that is online shopping.  It's almost like Christmas when you find a box near your door.  :)  Most times I can find things cheaper than local even with the shipping so it just works for me.  And some times when the difference of the item plus shipping isn't too much it's worth it to me to have it delivered rather than go into torturous Walfart for things.  Books used to be my indulgence, now I try to just hit the library.  Can sometimes find free books for my Kindle, so that helps, as well.

Shopping can be an addiction for some, I know.  Or therapy for others.  Or pass time.  Or a way to connect with people.  Just leave me out of it, please?  :)

Anyways, it's snowing outside today and I will very happily stay inside the warm indoors without feeling the least bit remorse over missed shopping excursions.  Hey, snow gives me good excuse to avoid it, right?  :)  Maybe it's just the introvert in me that doesn't like the shopping thing, haha.

Peace <3

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