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Monday, February 16, 2015

Floor Plan

Have been playing around with the layout of the things needing to go inside the van.

The bed is already set up and will be there permanently.  The other things, though, are up in the air.  What I have needing to go inside is the desk, two chest type plastic bins that can be stacked, and a smaller plastic bin. 

I have decided to use the portable toilet as the seat for the desk.  Will be gluing on a cushion on top of the plastic lid that comes off to disguise it, of sorts, and provide for more cushy seating.  Because, padding the rump is all important, ya know.  The size of the potty will just slide right under the desk opening, it can be out of the way when not needed, providing more space and out of sight lest the potty's very existence offends anyone.  Haha!!

So here is the tentative layout so far.  I may need help with ideas for the other side, any comments welcome!

The desk right by the bed will be helpful for many reason.  Can serve as a night stand.  Can seat the little DVD player there to watch movies in the evening.  In the wide short drawer I can put most of my things I might want to keep near me at night, like keys, cell phone, flashlight, gun, alarm, etc.  Would make a good place to set a fan in the warmer months.
I am one of those weird individuals that doesn't do well with a cluttered feel.  A place for everything and everything in it's place, type of motto.  Mind clutter, and all of that.  So just throwing things in there haphazardly won't work for my OCD head.
So what is the best ideas you have for the passenger side between the bed and captain chair?  Can always use more storage, of course.  A closet.  More stacking plastic bins.  I could devise a permanent bathroom type area.  I could make the kitchen on that side allowing for open doors while cooking.  Could devise a battery setup there, as well, provided I knew how to get power to charge it back up.  There is no real rush, of course, just like tossing around ideas. :)
*Edited to update:  I wound up putting the desk right behind the drivers chair.  There was a hump next to the bed from the motor of the back AC fan contraption that made the desk sit too far out from the walls.  The small white plastic bins sits between the desk and the bed very nice.  The portable potty slides right under the desk and is just the right height making it a very handy seat.  Opposite this I put one set of the 3 drawer plastic bins.  It leaves decent walking space and doesn't make it feel too closed in.  See some pics in this post

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