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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Chevy Co-Pilot

Meet the future co-pilot, Chevy.


Chevy is a 12 y/o rat terrier.  She is a rescue dog, I have had her for 11 years now. 

It was New Year's Eve in 2003 and we were hanging out at the house when the topic came up, again, about getting a doggy.  That day, though, when it was brought it, me and my daughter, Karen (or Kiddo, as we've always called her) looked at John and asked if we can go to the animal shelter.. like, right then!  Yes, was his immediate response.  So off we went.

I must admit, it is pretty heart breaking every time I go in there, all of those eyes begging you to take them out of there.  But I just felt the doggy would choose me.  There were many barks, of course, and paws on the cages as a way of asking us to take them home.  I kept looking.  Was almost down the line at the end of the cages when the worker said this doggy was brought in, the owner was moving and couldn't take her with him.  The doggy wouldn't come to the worker, he literally had to reach in and get her out of the corner to pick her up.  I could see she was shaking like a leaf.  But when he turned her around and said 'Her name is Chevy' and I saw her eyes, those terrified eyes that looked back at me, my heart melted.  She found me.

Chevy was literally terrified, of everything.  When I took her to the vet I found out why, her previous owner had abused her.  Her tail was broken and still has a knot in it's place.  She had been hit in the head and the layers in one of her eyes had shifted and looks cloudy, I don't know if she can see out of that eye.  And when she runs she sometimes runs on 3 legs, one of the back ones she sometimes holds up from a previous injury.  I'd like to hunt the previous owner down and beat the shit out of him!  The vet told us she was about a year old when we rescued her.

She came home with us, scared to death, hiding in her safe place for a long time.  It took a few weeks for her to figure out me and Kiddo weren't going to harm her and she would come around us some.  John, though, had a deep voice and it took probably 6 months for her to be comfortable around him.  Took years for her to finally not crouch and cower down when we approached her.  Rat terriers are nervous in nature to begin with, she was that magnified a hundred times over.  Still is a nervous pooch to this day.  

I still don't understand how someone could be so mean to this wonderful little doggy.  Best doggy ever!!!   She was house trained when we got her.  She never chewed anything, not even the toys we bought and encouraged her to play with.  Quiet and well mannered.  Isn't the type of dog that must have full attention at all times, she likes her attention and then she's done to go do her own things.  She snores.  She loves being wrapped in blankies.  And very much looks forward to her morning treats as if she's the luckiest doggy on the planet.

Well, I am not embarrassed to admit we have made some big decisions in our life that were based on this little doggy.  Like, even veto'ing a house to purchase on the very fact that it wouldn't work for Chevy and doggy doors.  Or making a doggy door in a new home a priority over, say, unpacking some of our belongings.  Or making sure a fence is erected before replacing a hot water heater (it was hot August in south Texas, cool showers were a blessing...  but doggies come first!!).

This doggy has moved with us quite a bit.  She's moved across town.  She moved to another state, and back.  Seven times since she's been with me she's moved.  She is quite the trooper.

Right now she has settled in living in the old man's house.  There is a doggy door, of course.  Her and the old man get along awesomely (is that a word?? haha) and she now seeks him out over me sometimes.  grrr...    She sure likes giving Hotrod hell (the old man's awesome doggy), thinking she's all big and all of that.  Hotrod has had to put her in her place a time or two, but she still likes to irritate him with her yappin'. 

Here is a pic on a camping trip in my current RV (that's up for sale) a few months back.  The doggies had taken over the couch.  Chevy on left, Hotrod on right:

Silly doggies!!
So, when I head out, Ms. Chevy will be going with me.  Hotrod will get to go when the old man goes with me.  :)    Haha.. Hotrod LOVES the van.  When working in it and the doors are open, he hops in and just doesn't want to get out of it.  
Should be fun times ahead.  :D

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